Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yuji Ohno Without End

At this great blog:

you can find a lot of LUPIN III CDs.

It has about 40 records by Yuji Ohno, who composed and performed on some very fine jazz records you can download there. If you like Schifrin's small group jazz, you will probably like them, too.

Movie Recommendation

The best movie I've seen in months is "Vantage Point" ("8 Blickwinkel" in Germany).

For my humble, but undisputable taste it's the greatest political thriller since "Murder at 1600".

YouTube is such a great thing

Here is the greatest bollywood dance sequence ever:

Jaan Pehechaan Ho

and by the incredible Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan we have his immortal song
Sanson Ki Mala

and did you now that the first version of the credits of Star Wars were designed by Saul Bass ? When they changed the credits, John Williams also had to compose a new score.

right now they are filming a remake of "300" with animals. Here are the first scenes:

By now everyone will probably know "Batman Vs. Alien Vs. Predator", but in case you don't, give it a watch (so it will know the time).

Schifrin 1963 Bossa Nova

Together with Eddie Harris.

Many thanks to the ORGY IN RHYTHM blog for these fantastic downloads.

Turntable Time Vol. 9: Schifrin's SPECTRUM

Only available as a very old LP is Lalo Schifrin's SPECTRUM from 1957, a record where he should be credited as Lalo "Mantovani" Schifrin.

But for all hardcore fans this of course is a must.

Turntable Time Vol. 8: Finally the real MANDINGO !

Side A of the bootleg LP has Maurice Jarre's Mandingo and Topaz (both taken just from the movie):

Side B has Roy Budd's "Catlow and Other Themes":


A rare jazz composition by Schifrin

Lalo Schifrin was responsible for Dialogues For Jazz Quintet and Orchestra.