Thursday, March 08, 2007

Many thanks to Isbum and all you other great guys

Ins and Outs
by Lalo Schifrin* a jazz album with the themes from"The Fox" & "Cool Hand Luke"
there is a bootleg of Lalo Schifrin's "The Dead Pool" (1988) (correct link)

The Fox" (wea France)
"...I'm very happy to share and introduce Pat Thomas and the music of Lalo Schifrin by this rare and obscure record..."

Sunday, March 04, 2007

O.k, one link for today

Things to look forward to

I'm changing from a DSL 1.000 flatrate to a 6.000 one the next weeks so uploads will also work with a decent speed. Expect some new links then.

Life Goes On

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to say that I'm alive and well and not living in Paris, however, I spend most of my time downloading all this great stuff all of you guys and dolls offer on the net. Since one year there are over 100 scores each week which want to be downloaded, so you get an idea how much work this makes.

Also with your help I'm watching now TV series like 24, Prison Break and Lost here in Germany just after they have been showed on American TV ! The internet is such a great thing, but alas, even more work for me. And all work and no play makes Omega a dull boy :(

If someone needs some great links where to get these things, just e-mail me privately ( and I will send you some addresses where you can download scores, comics and TV series. I don't like to publish these links here on the blog because of all these linkkillers who also crashed most of the links on this blog (sorry, no re-uploads).

I think I will continue with this blog in the next weeks, so please visit now and then to see if there are some news. Till then, stay alive !