Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cannibals en masse

Some days ago I downloaded one of the movies which try to tell the famous German cannibalism case which happened some years ago. I find it very interesting that there are FOUR movies which essentially have the same "based on real events" plot but all of them are not allowed to be shown in Germany.

This is because the guy who tried to get some delicatessen did not allow the filmmakers to present his case and German law did not overrule this with artistic concerns. Well, Mr. Meiwes can now stay in prison for the rest of his life with the glory that there are four biographical pictures about him that only very few people will ever see.

That's probably no big loss to the film world, and judging from the one movie I saw (Marian Dora's "Cannibal") you have to be quite weird yourself to enjoy this kind of picture.

Nonetheless, "Cannibal" is an INTERESTING picture, but only watch it if you are accustomed to very gory scenes and don't mind some homosexual action, too. If you consider that everything more or less happened that way you get an idea in what a strange world we are all living. It's an interesting discussion wether we need to see that on a big screen, but I think if such a film stays to the facts (which this one probably does) it's not a misconception to present it to mature viewers. See it as a kind of documentary and a disturbing view in some very distorted minds.

Here is a mini-filmography of the four films:

Dein Herz in meinem Hirn (2005) directed by Rosa von Praunheim (starring Martin Molitor & Martin Ontrop)

Cannibal (2005) directed by Marian Dora (starring Carsten Frank & Victor Brandl)

Rohtenburg (2006) directed by Martin Weisz (starring Thomas Kretschmann & Keri Russell)

Cannibal (aka "Diary of a Cannibal") (2006) directed by Ulli Lommel (starring Jillian Swanson & Trevor Parsons)
available on DVD here:

Here's an interesting German article on the first two movies:

The exception of the rule

Normally I don't do re-uploads, but when I got the request from X-Y-Z Cosmonaut for the Sammy Davis album I felt a little bit honored: over the last 18 months I downloaded hundreds of records and a lot of movies from his two great blogs, so it's more than fair that I can give at least one record back to him:
If someone does not know his blogs, got there immediately:
(for records)
(for incredibly strange and funny movies)

Concerning other re-uploads, I have to say that I post mostly links here from other music blogs, and if these links get deleted, well, that's the way it goes. The early bird catches the worm, you know.

As I always write, I'm very much interested in trading and have a huge want list (look in my posts of the last days), so if you want certain titles just look that you can also offer something to me.

Friday, August 17, 2007

THE MASTER CYLINDER has some fantastic things to offer !!!

There is a blog called THE MASTER CYLINDER where a devoted film music fan offers a lot of great things, especially home-made DVD-cuts.

From Lalo Schifrin, there are 14 incredible titles:

Class of '84

Day of the Animals

Prime Cut

The Manitou

Battle Creek Brawl

Boulevard Nights

Coogan's Bluff

Harry in Your Pocket

Joe Kidd

Murderer's Row


The Competition

The Dead Pool

The President's Analyst

Holy schlamoly, this is like a 2nd Aleph label releasing Lalo Schifrin scores !!!

And here's JEREMIAH JOHNSON by John Rubinstein and Tim McIntire:

Many thanks to THE MASTER CYLINDER for his fantastic work !!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Complete Lalo Schifrin discography

In the comments of this post you find a COMPLETE listing of all the recordings of Lalo Schifrin which were issued from 1955 to today. It is divided in two parts:

a) the titles I'm still missing

b) the titles I have

I'm very much interested in trading, but please be sure that you have something from the first list or even something that isn't in the list at all (like a homemade TV or DVD cut from a so-far unreleased movie score).

Monday, August 13, 2007

Records I'm searching

In the comment of this post you will find my current want list (over 200 titles) of my favorite composers.

I'm very much interested in trading and can offer EVERYTHING by the following composers that is not part of the list.
  • Danny Elfman
  • Jerry Goldsmith
  • Bernard Herrmann
  • Maurice Jarre
  • Wojciech Kilar
  • Ennio Morricone
  • Lalo Schifrin
  • John Williams
Trades should by made by Rapidshare or Megaupload. You can find an e-mail address for contact in the comment.

For some Italo western scores, go here

if you want an almost complete Morricone collection...

...just go here, the number of scores by the maestro is incredible:

The blogger time machine

I'm typing and posting this on Wednesday, August 15th, but blogger is displaying my posts with the Monday date.

Am I caught in the Twilight Zone ?

Great new blog

I found all these links at this fantastic blog:

It has a lot of scores by Zbigniev Preisner (about 17 releases !!!), Eleni Karaindrou and Bernard Herrmann.

Highly recommended !!!

4 new Lalo Schifrin links

new Wojciech Kilar links

new film score links

New download from isbum

From the ever-active isbum here comes Schifrin's weird "Rock Requiem":

Many thanks to isbum for all the things he does for the film music community !!!

Goldsmith moments

I was just hearing the first tracks of the new 2-CD "Wind and the Lion" when I had again a "Jerry Goldsmith" moment, as I like to call it.

Goldsmith is one of my top favorite film composers for over 30 years now and composed probably at least a 100 incredible great tracks.

In addition to that there are tracks by him which have sections that to my taste are unbelievable great but fail as a whole due to the "film music" syndrome, the problem that a track has to follow the action on screen and therefore may be fast and soon be slow or loud and quiet within seconds.

Here is a list of some ecstatic Jerry Goldsmith moments, these sections in the tracks (and you will know which parts I mean !) are for me among the greatest moments in music and I'm very sad that these tracks doesn't continue that way.

The Wind and the Lion (2 CDs): The Raisuli/Mr. President
Bad Girls: The Hanging
Inchon: The Tanks
QB VII: Rekindling the Flame of Jehovah
Wild Rovers: Bronco Bustin'
Outland: Spiders

If you know of other tracks by Goldsmith like these, please leave a comment.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Great help

The blogger help is almost perfect - if you search for "commentaries" (I wanted to know how to delete one), you get

"Your search - commentaries - did not match any answers in Blogger Help.Please change your search terms and try again."

Of course, this is a search word which has nothing to do with a blog, so why should there be any help ?

Thank got I found out myself by now how to delete a commentary.

...and by the way, I'm not dead...

I've just downloaded A LOT OF STUFF the last months. My complete mp3-collection consists now of over 10.000 albums.

But I'm still searching a lot of records, especially composed by my favorite composers. I will post a complete want list soon.

A cool movie I saw today

Jim Carrey's THE NUMBER 23

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is also great.

And THE PRESTIGE, too. Not to forget DIE HARD 4.

These are the must-sees of the last weeks.

And avoid TRANSFORMERS at all cost if you are older than 10 years.

And if you watch Germany TV: the two best TV series running right now are "PRISON BREAK" and "THE UNIT".

Aaron Copland blog

This is a great new blog featuring the music of Aaron Copland.

Highly recommended !


Organ by Jimmy Smith:

Tracks include the main theme to the Jackie Chan action movie "The Big Brawl".

Perez Prado's Concierto para bongo

This is a fantastic 15 minute bongo concert. Highly recommended listening !